San Francisco

Stretched across seven miles, San Francisco is known as “The City of the Bay” and it is home to different world famous tourist attractions.

Some of the top destinations to visit in San Francisco

When you think about the city of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge first comes to your mind. Although the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the major tourist attractions in San Francisco but there are other tourist destinations that one must visit. Autumn offers tourists with warm temperatures and fewer crowds, so the best time to visit San Francisco is from September to November.

Tourist destinations in San Francisco

Pier 39

Start your San Francisco Tours with one of the most visited destinations in San Francisco, Pier 39. It offers tourists eye-catching views of the city of the San Francisco and the bay.

Golden Gate Park

It stretches over three miles on the western edge of San Francisco and is counted as one of the largest urban parks in the world. Spring is great time to visit San Francisco when the breeze is really awesome.

This park is spread over 1,017 acres and contains two major museums and splendid gardens. Also, more than 20 games can be played at this park and it doesn’t have even single sign of “Keep off the Grass”. The California Academy of Sciences, the Conservatory of Flowers and the Koret Children’s Quarter are some of the ever-evolving attractions that are located in this park.

Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. One of the famous landmarks of San Francisco, this suspension bridge was first opened in the year 1937. Spread over an area of more than 1.7 miles, bridge’s sidewalks are open during the day to pedestrians that consist of bicycles and wheelchair users. Tourism during summer at the golden gate witnesses a sudden rise as people from different parts of world head to San Francisco, in search of sand and sun.

Benefits of touring San Francisco with tour and travel operators

With esteemed tour and travel operators, tourists can discover tourist destinations that are not usually included in large tourist buses and tourist guidebooks. Knowledgeable San Francisco Tours guide will let you explore San Francisco from a “local’s” perspective.

Benefits of small group

It is recommended to tour San Francisco with relatively smaller group. Main advantage of touring San Francisco with smaller group is the ability to enjoy more tourist destinations and stops. Also, the tourist gets more opportunities to click memorable photographs with smaller groups. Apart from this, tourists get more time to spend at one or more destinations.

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